What you need in your toolbox, Miniature Style


Fine tweezers 2 pair

Sharp fine scissors

Ball stylus

Hammer small and Small Brads

Ruler  (6 inch and 12 inch)

Glue (Tacky)

Double Sided Sticky Tape


Needle and Thread

Glue Stick

Super Glue

Wipes (you can get free ones from most resturants)

Needle Nose pliers

X-Acto Knife with #2 blades

Mitre cutter (scissor like) or

Mitre cutter (box with saw)

Clamps (small)

Paint brushes



For Electricity:

soldering gun



steady hand :)







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Howdy Everyone

Sorry it’s taken so long for me to get back to everyone, been busy messing with my miniatures, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it.  Whats going on here at the store? Well, I hired a new employee, we are going to have movie nights once a month (jammies ok), every other Tuesday we will be open from 6-9 (if you wear your jammies you’ll receive 15% off your total bill.  Since it’s so dang hot out here, last I looked it was 102 and its only 11:45AM, we are going to be serving snow cones to our customers every Saturday during the summer.  And do we have some great flavors, mmmmm   mmmmmm goood!

That is the long and short of it,  I have been entering every item in the store (over 50K) and i am only on 1876 :( . Will I ever get done, don’t know.  We have upgraded to computer and bar scanner, so eventually (somewhere over the rainbow I think) it will be faster getting you checked out.  Just remembered we will be having our sidewalk sale in early August, then I get to leave for 8 days to go on a shopping spree for the store…and bring back some terrific finds. We are going to do a road trip to Ohio, going to see the largest ball of twine, big chickens and the green giant guy.  Any suggestions for along the way? Coming from AZ to Ohio, Northern Route 1st and Southern Route 2nd. I am sooooo excited i know it will be a blast!

Well that’s all for now………………………..be back soon :)

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Ok so here is my first picture, a

woodpecker, kinda hard to see

but I will get better at this, I

promise. I am having fun doing this and I am

hoping that you are chuckling along.  Got some

great pic’s in the camera……..now if I can only

remember how to put them out.  See ya soon.

O yeah, This isn’t about Miniatures right now but

I have to tell you my husband just bought me a new

car tonight.  Veracruz by Hyundai, my grandson

said it’s “tight”.  Night all hope to see you tomorrow

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Within the next few days we are expecting new merchandise from the show we went to in January, alot of new stuff in there from what I remember, been so long now.  I know it’s going to be like Christmas when I open those boxes (and boxes and boxes and boxes……..). Just thought you would all like to know and be the first to get a look.  Right now I am learning how to make bar codes for everything :( .  Seems to be one of the hardest things right now, because we have to key in every piece of merchandise we get in……….please understand we don’t mean to type slowly :) .  So since I have started this post we have recieved 2 shipments, in one day,  expecting another on Tuesday, O Happy Days!  Give me a couple of days to get everything entered so you can see everything. (because we peeked at the NEW merchandise and oooo it is soooooooo cute)

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New to Mini’s

Come into the store,  we will teach you how to become a miniaturist in less than 5 minutes.  Whether it is making a perfume bottle, plant or a dog bone, it will be a fun experience and something you can take home. . . and of course it’s free.

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Come see our new store

The move is now two months behind us and we are finally settled in our new, expanded store.  Our new retail show room is over 1,500 square feet of miniatures.  We are receiving exciting new shipments every day!  Come in and visit us, we would love to show you the Southwest’s largest, exclusively dollhouse and miniature showroom.

We also are lining up our schedule of classes.  We will have this information posted in the next few days.  Our pride and joy is our annual Kids Kamp.  We have an exciting, limited edition house that we will be building.

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Welcome To Our Blog

Posts to come shortly.

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